Sticky Filth

Sticky Filth 2010



Craig Radford - Vocals / Bass
Chris Snowdon - Guitar / Vocals
Mark Hill - Drums


Band Bio

New Zealand Hardcore. Nocturnal Design. A Way Of Life. Wear The Scars. Know The Pain. One World. One Beat. Twenty Six Years After. The Past Is History. The Future Hasn’t Happened. This Is The End Of The Beginning.

Veteran is a term bandied about rather freely these days, almost as much as legendary but if any one band deserves that title in this country it is hardcore punk pioneers STICKY FILTH. After all not many bands in New Zealand can claim a continuous existence of twenty-six years (1985-2011).

2010 was a tough year for STICKY FILTH with founding members Craig Radford and Chris Snowdon both involved in separate serious accidents which saw the originally scheduled 25th anniversary release of FOURTH DOMAIN to be put on hold. With both Craig and Chris back on the road to recovery, the release of FOURTH DOMAIN is now the perfect comeback for these hardcore punk legends.

Described as a powerhouse, with grim and brawny mid tempo buzzing bass lines, snotty pub rock vocals, jagged metallic shreds and head trampling drums, STICKY FILTH has graced the stage with bands such as the Henry Rollins Band, Bad Brains, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead and The Hard Ons.

They’ve seen musical trends come and go but STICKY FILTH have stayed true to a formula that passionate fans will always embrace. This new album FOURTH DOMAIN is 26 years of experience and undoubtedly their best work yet.

The first single HAPPY BIRTHDAY is true to their signature sound, as it celebrates 26 years of life on the road in a rock and roll band.

STICKY FILTH is Craig Radford - Bass / Vocals, Chris Snowdon – Guitar / Vocals and Mark “Boot” Hill – Drums.





"Fourth Domain "


Cat #: 1157026
Release 14th November 2011
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Track Listing

1. Crimson Red and Indigo
2. The Witch That Got Away
3. Bruise Easily
4. Happy Birthday
5. Jimmi Wheel
6. The Labourer
7. Jabba Heights
8. Machete
9. Light Of Day
11.One Flew Over
12.Beady Beady
13.Leave In The Morning
15.No Comfort Comes
16.Hate Remains (Acoustic)















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