Los Muertos


Leon Parkin - Vocals
Pete Garmaz - Guitar
Beni Shanks - Guitar
Craig Taylor - Bass
Rob O'Connor - Drums


Band Bio


Founded out of frustration and forged in to friendship, Auckland based Los Muertos have worked hard over the past year to fuse their diverse musical lineage in to an amalgamated sound that stretches back over the past 20 years of punk, hardcore, metal and rock.

Combining soaring guitars, crushing breakdowns and driving riffs interplayed with not only the socially aware and politically minded lyrics of Leon Parkin but the feverishly diverse drumming of Rob O'Connor, Los Muertos is dripping with conviction and delivers everything wrapped in a sense of urgency you can't ignore.

The past year has seen Los Muertos take to the stage along side esteemed peers The Bleeders, Cobra Khan, Kitsch, Antagonist and Second Theory as well as securing support slots for touring international artists Gallows (UK) Strung Out (USA) No Use For A Name (USA) Thrice (USA) and Behind Crimson Eyes (Aus) an a slot on the 2008 Killerfest.

2006 and 2007 has seen Los Muertos go through a metamorphosis of sorts. 2006 saw a line up shuffle with Beni Shanks dropping his duties on bass to join Peter Garmaz on guitar after the sudden departure of Mark Jacobson. 
Spending close to a year re-honing their musical penmanship, Los Muertos was on a search for the right man.

Mid 2007 saw Craig Taylor put the final piece of the long unfinished puzzle together and completes the quintet.

With a new arsenal of big riffs, thundering bass and a new found direction, Los Muertos is ready to make 2008 a year they won't forget.

The debut  self tiitled ‘ Los Muertos’ album available in-stores and online now.






Cat#: 1157018
Released: April 7th 2008

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Track Listing:

01. The Plague
02. Repetition
03. Between The Lines
04. Abyss
05. Home
06. An Asshole and A Gentleman
download mp307. Spoon Fed
08. Requisitus
09. Denial, Anger, Acceptance











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