Gatherer -Melbourne 2011



Samuel K. Sproull - Vocals / Bass
Alex Winter - Guitar / Vocals
Jordy Pilgrim - Guitar
Reuben Pilgrim - Drums


Band Bio

The first track from their soon to be release debut full length album called SO BE IT, Regular Frontier establishes the Gatherer proclamation in honest clarity: growing up is a bit shit. Relocations are never easy, especially with a body of water separating the comforts of their home town Wellington, New Zealand to the reality of independence and opportunity offered in Melbourne, Australia.

It was never going to be a relaxed transition, but it was imperative for the band to move into their next phase of existence. On SO BE IT, Gatherer has drawn on a combination of life experiences and influences, cohesively blending the pop sensibilities of Nine Inch Nails, the genuine melodic rock of Cave-In and a hint of Converge/Isis inspired heaviness with the vocal rhythms and melody of Queen and Tears For Fears.

A wall of syncopated sound, coupled with strikingly unconventional rhythm, dynamics and harmonies take the Gatherer sound to a complete original aural spectrum. This, along with an honest approach to lyrical content, completes the Gatherer package.

After touring with THE GETAWAY PLAN in late 2011 as 2nd support, the band were asked back as main support for a string of regional shows with the band, which take place in March/April 2012.

Their live performances are a reflection of how hard the band has worked to attain a sense of humanised perfection, both in the live and recorded format. SO BE IT, an album that has been 2 years in the making, captures the band at their most potent. The tracks flow seamlessly from the moment that the intro track “International Getaway” calmly rolls through its vintage inspired piano lines, and cascades into the resounding power the band are rightfully known for. Everything is placed with the utmost care, with the album resounding with all elements of this 40 minute journey and slowly stripping them back, giving the album the finality it rightfully deserves











Cat #: 1157029
Release Date: 1st June 2012
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Track Listing

1. International Getaway
2. Mr.
3. Elvis/Horizon
4. Thrive
5. So Be It
6. Regular Frontier
7. Camp Creative
8. Hammer
9. Building Houses
10. Cavalier



"Regular Frontier "


Cat #: 1157032
Release Date: 12th December 2011
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Track Listing

1. Regular Frontier
2. Thrive
3. Marvel Hill



"This City Sunrise "


Cat #: 1157025
Release Date: 12th July 2010 (Digital Only)
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Track Listing

1. Pretty Much...
2. Catastropically
3. You've Got To Be Fuckin Kiddin
4. Jazz Queen
5. Marble Zone
6. Hansel & Gretel
7. Body Clock
8. Duke Nukem Forever
10. Thug Life Barbie
11. Young Rose Love
12. Weird Concrete Building















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