Cobra Khan

Photo by Leonie Hayden- Cobra Khan


Milon Williams - Vocals/Guitar
Hadleigh Donald - Guitar
Evan Short - Bass
Sarah Fox - Keys
Ant Davies - Drums


Band Bio

COBRA KHAN is back and proud to announce the release of new album ‘ADVERSITIES’. Some may say little has been heard from this Auckland five piece since the acclaimed 2008 effort ‘Helgorithms’ but hidden away in home studios, bedrooms and the practice room alike, COBRA KHAN are now ready to deliver.

Tracked under the watchful eye of bassist Evan Short and produced by both Evan and Milon Williams (vocals/guitar) it will quickly become obvious that ADVERSITIES is a monstrous and most welcome injection into the local heavy music scene, with enough riffs, evil vocals and huge drums to blow the doors off a resprayed Holden Ute at ten paces.

New track for public perusal ‘Borderlands’ is a gigantic, mutant, postcard from the toxic wasteland it features {{{{{ meanage }}}}}, epic head-nods, extra vocal input from Craig Radford of STICKY FILTH and enough grunt to splinter a kauri tree.

Summed up by a friend on first listen of ADVERSITIES.

COBRA KHAN hasn’t lost any of the rapid tempo and menace they are known for - in fact, they've moved up a couple of gears. The new tunes all kick off with double-barrelled gunshot drumming, keyboard wreckage and sublime twin guitars entwining each other in a brute strength death match, giving ground only to make way for large vocal refrains. The album sits together cohesively, giving the listener a dark and mean thrill ride for the full 46 minutes, moving through more complex moods than a Colin McCahon exhibition. 'Strider' is a ferocious two minutes flat, no bullshit and no goodbyes. 'Hound' would bust down your door and nick off with your family jewels before your very eyes if you let it, while 'White Fire' ebbs and swirls with the outgoing tide at the end of a long day - but mind the combined undertow of the vocal/drum combo, it makes for a killer sundowner.













Cat#: 1157034
Released: November 9th 2012

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Track Listing:

1. Walking Wires
2. Cages
3. Ashvin
4. In Frays


Cat#: 1157028
Released: November 21st 2011

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Track Listing:

1. Swan Rider
2. Mercy Blitz
3. Grave Weight
4. Executions
5. Blackened Royalty
6. Pariah
7. Borderlands
8. Strider
9. Velvet Trenches
10. Hound
11. Strung By Staves
12. Cellar Sleep
13. Lead Us
14. White Fire


"Helgorithms "
Cat#: 1157021
Released: October 27th 2008

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Track Listing:

2.Fly On
3.I Idolist
5.SearchlightsVid Icon
7.Eye To Eye
8.Walk Through Fire
9.HogmanVid Icon
10.Graze The Earth
11.Rachana Vid Icon
12.Liquid Separation




"Sleepless Lions 7 Track CD "
Cat#: 1157016
Released: September 18th 2006

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Track Listing:

01. Run For The ReaperVid Icon
02. Run Away
03. Dementia Vid Icon
04. Sleepless Lions
Vid Icon05. Black Box
06. The Lancer
download mp3Vid Icon07. Wrapped In Plastic









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